Weight Management Therapy

A portion of my practice is dedicated to the treatment of sustained weight loss and body satisfaction. With regard to weight loss, I offer a skills-based program to help patients assess the advantages of weight loss and behavioral change, select a sensible diet and exercise routine, confront emotional eating, and prepare their environment so it is more compatible with their lifestyle. The majority of this treatment is centered on setting specific goals for yourself and remaining accountable for achieving these goals. In my clinical experience, this treatment often occurs concurrently with treatment for other concerns. 

There are a number of skills one needs to learn in order to achieve his or her weight loss goals. These skills are not innate, and, they are rarely addressed by primary care physicans, nutritionists, personal trainers, and the like. These skills include the following:  

  • How to motivate yourself to make healthy choices every day
  • What to do when you experience a food craving
  • How to get yourself to exercise even when you don't feel like it
  • How to get immediately back on track when you make an eating mistake
  • How to cope with negative emotions without turning to food

One important concept of my weight management program is that permanent changes in behavior require changes in thinking. In essence, I help my patients lose weight and keep it off by teaching them to think more like “Adult Me,” and less like “Little Me” or “Critical Me.” After only a few sessions, many patients report a reduction in unhealthy behaviors, prolonged sessions at the gym to 'compensate' for overeating, for example, which tend to maintain their sabotaging, “Little Me” or “Critical Me” thoughts. 

Interested? Please send an email to Dr. Kolzet at julie@doctorkolzet.com