health psychology consulting

for hospitals, local schools, business & community agencies

What is Health Psychology Consulting?


Health psychologists promote medical health via interventions that address lifestyle, emotions, thoughts and environment.

Health psychologists also design and implement models of healthcare delivery within medical healthcare systems (and beyond) with the aim of increasing patient engagement, preventing medical illness, and improving medical health for those with medical illness. Insomnia, cardiovascular disease, cancer, infertility, and diabetes are among the medical illnesses that health psychology interventions target.

For Hospitals


The design and implementation of models of healthcare delivery within medical healthcare systems to increase patient engagement, improve patient care, and decrease costs.

For example, design health psychology interventions to help prevent, identify and manage cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infertility, postpartum depression, and other medical conditions.

Trainings to medical residents and fellows to promote patient engagement and improve patient health.

For example, coping with medical illness, anxiety due to health fears or medical procedures, medication and lifestyle adherence, brief and effective screening tools, resilience training, etc.

For Business and Community Agencies


Provide clinical expertise

Educate teams as to the needs of patients, researchers and providers in, for example, the behavioral sleep space.

Mental health awareness development. For example content for local and national messaging campaigns, outreach and activities.

Develop fundraising strategic plans and business plans.

In-service training on mental health and wellness topics. For example, disperse and promote psychological tools that can help employees thrive and stay motivated.

Create strategic partnership opportunities.

For Local Schools


Many middle and high school students are drowning in homework while at the same time facing complex social challenges. I enjoy conducting speaking events and workshops at schools on topics that are highly relevant to teens and young adults.

The overarching goal here is to provide insights toward change and action.

Speaking events and workshop topics available to parent organizations, teachers, counselors, and students


Insomnia and related concerns

Body image - practical exercises and tips that address the common factors that lead to negative body image.

Transition from high school to college and effective coping strategies.

Motivation skills to combat procrastination.




Friendships - developing and maintaining friendships, doing away with toxic friendships, how to deal with a friendship break-up.


Sexual relationships - consent and communication.


Letter to Dr Julie Kolzet from the American Diabetes Association regarding health consulting initiatives on their behalf.